Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Practice Wrap - 8/7

Who stood out: Wide receivers Mike Moffett and Anthony Hemphill. Moffett made several nice catches, including one in traffic over the middle. Hemphill raced to track down a deep pass from Shea Smith early in practice.

Lasting image: Dropped passes. While Moffett and Hemphill made some good grabs, there were far too many balls bouncing off the hands and (even worse) shoulder pads of Falcon players.

Coach’s quote: “It got broken up a little bit there, and it didn’t bother us. To me, those are some signs of maturity when everything’s not exactly the way it’s listed on the schedule. That tells you a little bit. Just where guys can adapt and guys are a little bit flexible, and just intensity-wise the focus was really good.” – Troy Calhoun on the two times the lights went out during Tuesday’s practice.


Anonymous said...

Mr Schaller--
Shouldn't this be "Practice Wrap 8/7?" I hope so, because I'm looking forward to the recap of 8/8--the first (and only?) Two-a-day...although I heard a rumor of a possible two-a-day on Saturday. Can you clarify---and confirm?

jake.schaller said...

Wooops! You're right. It was 8/7. I must be getting confused, and I'm going to change it right now.
As for a two-a-day Saturday, I'll inquire.