Monday, August 6, 2007

Practice Wrap - 8/6


Practice Wrap - 8/6

Reason No. 48 why I love football: Linemen.Standing in the hallway outside Air Force’s locker room this afternoon, a lineman walked by wearing a black shirt that read, on the front, “Air Force Offensive Line 2006.” On the back? “There may be no ‘I’ in ‘team,’ but there are three in ‘Chili Cheese Fries.’Senior center Blaine Guenther said the offensive line’s previous t-shirt was better. That one read, “The fat gives the meat its flavor.”Gotta love offensive linemen.

Some quick thoughts from today’s session:

Who stood out: QB Shaun Carney. Coach Troy Calhoun said he thought Carney was rusty after not participating fully in the Falcons’ first four practices. But the veteran signal-caller still looked good. Carney had zip on his passes and he threw some impressive balls – particularly a corner route to wide receiver Mark Root and a fastball through traffic to tight end Travis Dekker in the end zone.Calhoun noticed an additional effect of Carney’s presence throughout a practice.“Our whole practice was better because you’ve got a guy out there that’s taking charge of the offense,” he said.

Lasting image: Running backs coach/running game coordinator Jemal Singleton walking off the field after practice looking disgusted. His tailbacks, save for Kip McCarthy, did not look good on the first day of full contact.

Coach’s Quote: “We’ve got to learn to play in pads. I think sometimes you get out here and you play touch football with no pads on and sometimes you think it’s always creampuff, and it’s not. Last time I checked, you’re always going to be wearing pads, especially on Saturdays.” – Troy Calhoun on the first day of practice in full pads.


Anonymous said...

How's Brenton Byrd looking at HB? Calhoun has 3 seniors at HB.
No underclassman can crack the top 3?

jake.schaller said...

An underclassman absolutely can crack the top three. And the tailback battle will get a lot more interesting this afternoon (Wednesday) when freshmen join practice. There are a couple who could step in immediately and compete.
As for Byrd, he has looked pretty good, though it seems he has not hit holes hard enough for coaches - too much "dancing." He also dropped a pitch in Monday's team drills.
Still, I thought he looked great in the spring game. Maybe he can still make a push for playing time.