Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Practice Wrap - 8/1

Here are some thoughts about Air Force’s first practice Wednesday. I hope to do this each day, if possible.

As senior linebacker Drew Fowler pointed out in the story that will appear in Thursday's Gazette, the pace of practice was brisk. Players moved quickly between drills, and there wasn't a moment wasted. New coach Troy Calhoun made sure drills ran smoothly, at one point yelling at players to sprint out of the way after they had gone through a drill.

Calhoun spent time all over the field on Wednesday, but he mostly was with the offense. He let his assistants handle most of the drills, but he jumped in with comments, critiques and praise often.

Who stood out: (Note: I mostly watched the offense on Wednesday) Josh Cousins. The sophomore played quarterback on JV last year, but this year he is taking reps at both QB and wide receiver (which is why he’s wearing No. 87). Wednesday, with Shaun Carney sitting out most of practice with a strained hamstring, Cousins spent some time at quarterback during 11-on-11 drills. He showed off a strong and accurate arm.
Anthony Hemphill – a 6-foot-2 receiver – also showed a flash of his potential, hauling in a long reception in 11-on-11 drills.

Lasting image: Carney and several other players held out of practice due to injuries alternating between push-ups and sit-ups … for about a half an hour.

Coach’s quote: “I don’t get enamored with the style of our shoe laces or gold chains. To me, style is how hard you play and how well you execute and just how much unity you have.” – Troy Calhoun on the coaches’ all-black game-day apparel that they modeled during media day.

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