Friday, August 17, 2007

Practice Wrap - 8/16

To stripe or not to stripe?

That was the question on Thursday.

The Falcons hit the field with their traditional lightning bolts on the sides of their helmets for the first time this August. This was in part because coach Troy Calhoun thought his team had finally “earned” the bolts (a few players who’ve missed a bunch of time with injuries thus still are “bald”). But it also was a logistical decision.

Apparently, each Air Force player gets two helmets – one for practice and one for games – so that members of Air Force’s equipment staff can clean up the game helmets between contests and make them look good.

So the Falcons were wearing their game helmets during the first two weeks of practice (to break them in), but from now on they’ll be wearing their practice helmets (which also were the returning players’ game helmets last year – they recycle).

Is this making any sense?

Whatever, the point is the helmets the Falcons were wearing on Thursday had the bolts on either side but no stripes down the middle.

And I thought they looked sharp – far better than the helmets with the stripes. (There’s beauty in simplicity.)

According to Air Force sports information director Troy Garnhart, the Falcons have been wearing helmets with the stripes (a silver stripe down the middle with a blue stripe on either side) since the 1980 season. And Calhoun said after practice that the stripes probably would be added before the first game.

But I thought I’d open it up to readers: Stripes or no stripes? Let me know.

Lasting image: A bunch of missed field goals. Junior Ryan Harrison is expected to wipe away the Falcons’ kicking woes this season, but he had an off day Thursday – as did long-snapper Tony Norman.

“I thought our snapper was very inconsistent today, and I thought Ryan was too,” Calhoun said. “It’s one of those where, I know the wind was blowing 2-3 miles per hour, but I think for a good kicker, which I expect Ryan to be, that wouldn’t be a factor. Two mile an hour wind? Shoot, there are a lot of drives I’d like to hit when it’s only two miles an hour.”


Anonymous said...

Stripes all the way, you can't change the helmet. The uniforms have changed too much as it is. Are the falcons trying any bigger position players at long snapper to find someone that can get the job done?

Anonymous said...

It might be neat to start the Calhoun era with out stripes.

Anonymous said...

no stripes!