Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Practice Wrap - 8/22

Senior fullback Scott Peeples gave me a great analogy today when discussing how Air Force’s offense has changed from the pure triple-option of former coach Fisher DeBerry to new coach Troy Calhoun’s balanced, multiple-set attack.

“You could compare it to maybe a hatchet and an axe,” Peeples said. “With the triple-option you’ve got a little hatchet and you’re just banging away and eventually you get through the log. With an axe, you might swing and miss a couple times, but you’re going to connect more solid when you do hit it.”

So when everyone starts trying to name the offense in a few weeks (like they tried to name DeBerry’s the “Fishbone”), just remember you heard “The Axe” here first – courtesy of Peeples.

Who stood out: Freshman tailback Savier Stephens.

Stephens already was getting some repetitions with the varsity, but with Chad Smith out for at least a month and Jim Ollis still bothered by his sprained left ankle, Stephens has a chance to make significant contributions immediately. Read: The opener against South Carolina State.

Wednesday, in scrimmage situations, Stephens showed good acceleration, speed on the edges and toughness – barreling into a pile to score a touchdown from a yard out.

Look for more about Stephens in Friday’s Gazette.

Lasting image: Air Force practicing its pregame routine after scrimmaging. No detail left untouched by Calhoun.

Coach’s quote: “They’re great competitors, they’re guys that it kills them to not be out here. But at the same time, the path they’re on, maybe in October. Maybe.” – Troy Calhoun on when fullback Ryan Williams and tackle Dan Holder might be able to contribute.


Anonymous said...

OK Jake---You set yourself up. No pressure. We're anxiously awaiting the clever headline for the "Savier" Stephens article.

jake.schaller said...

I know I did. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Now, I don't typically write the headlines (I send in my stories and the editors and designers come up with the), but I occasionally pass along suggestions.
I'll be sure to do so this time.