Friday, August 3, 2007

Practice Wrap - 8/3

Just some quick thoughts today.

Who stood out: Cornerbacks. Starters Carson Bird and Garrett Rybak both made some nice plays while going for the ball. Bird stripped a receiver after a catch and then fell on the ball before it squirted out of bounds.

The Air Force defense is making a big change this season in asking the cornerbacks to play a lot of aggressive, man coverage. But Bird and Rybak welcome the change and say they’re looking forward to it.

Lasting image: Junior kicker Ryan Harrison stretching during practice. I don’t think I’m a good enough writer to accurately describe the way Harrison contorted his body, but here goes: During one stretch, he was sitting on the ground with his left leg out in front of him. With both hands, he then pulled his right foot toward his head – and then behind his head! Later, he started a stretch lying flat on his back, feet pointed north. He lifted his legs in the air and then back behind his head until they touched the ground. So he was rolled onto his shoulders and head with his feet on either side of his head – and toes pointing north.

Does that make any sense at all? Probably not. Air Force head equipment manager Dan Siermine described it a lot better – “He’s like Gumby,” Siermine said.

Coach’s quote: “They probably didn’t like them very well, but in the long haul it’s going to help us.” – Troy Calhoun on his team doing its conditioning work – Friday it was running gassers – before the start of practice instead of at the end.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick observation. I noticed you've mentioned Garrett Rybak in the last two blogs. I've been to a few of the practices and have noticed that he has been in on a lot of great plays---he has terrific instincts, hustles a lot, and is always around the ball. Not insignificant--he's a great person too....very humble and polite. A great example of a fine student-athlete.
I think he'll be a key part of an outstanding "D" this year.

jake.schaller said...

Couldn't agree more. Garrett looks like he's in great shape - not that he wasn't last year, but he and a whole lot of the Falcons look like they really spent a lot of time working out this summer. He's been in on a bunch of plays that I've seen and seems to have adapted well to the new style of defense (aggressive, press coverage, etc.).
And he is a very humble kid and a good interview.