Tuesday, September 4, 2007

McCarthy likely out

I’ll add a much longer post tonight with thoughts from Troy Calhoun’s press conference today, but this news couldn’t wait. As you’ll be able to read in tomorrow’s edition of The Gazette, and on the Web site, Falcons starting running back Kip McCarthy likely will not play Saturday in the conference opener at Utah.

McCarthy tweaked his right knee in the first half of the Falcons' game against South Carolina State and missed practice Monday. Calhoun, who called the injury bursitis, thought McCarthy likely would be back today. But the swelling was worse than coaches thought.

Calhoun did not totally rule out McCarthy playing, but it sounded as if he’ll miss the game and probably miss next week’s game against TCU. Calhoun did not think the injury was serious enough to keep McCarthy out for an extended period of time.

The injury might open the door – finally – for Jim Ollis.


Anonymous said...

not good. i am hoping for a miracle.

Anonymous said...

No offense to Kip McCarthy, but I don't see this having a huge impact. McCarthy's numbers coming into this year were not that impressive, and unless he has the same friends as Barry Bonds, I doubt he's gained that much speed or strength.

A healthy Ollis, along with Byrd and Stevens should be able to carry the load. I recall Hall took a few snaps at TB too.

Hopefully the Falcons rushing game will be like the Broncos: Systemic. It won't matter much who's back there.

jake.schaller said...

It's true, McCarthy had miniscule numbers heading into this season, and he doesn't dazzle on the field. But keep this in mind - he's solid and he makes few mistakes. That's a big part of why coaches had him in the starting lineup.