Thursday, September 13, 2007

Halftime thoughts

Just like last week, Air Force hurt itself in the first half more than its opponent.

A blocked punt. An interception. A missed field goal (albeit from 50 yards). A couple of missed passes.

Air Force is playing right with TCU. The Falcons have 151 total yards to TCU’s 159. That’s pretty even.

With a mistake-free second half, Air Force could pull an upset.


Jim said...

We will need to keep working on both sides of the ball to pull this off, and like you said, the Falcons will have to be error-free. I think Carney could use some more protection, but that might be hard to do with TCU's D.

tiger said...

Unreal, listening to the radio broadcast on the web, sounds like they are going to win it in overtime. Wow, just wow.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! What a game! That's the most fun I've had watching an AF football game in a long time!

Hats off as well to TCU for staying on the field amongst a sea of celebrating cadets to show respect to the USAFA Alma Mater. That's class.

Jim said...

AWESOME!! Way to go Falcons!!!

Anonymous @ 9:40 - you are spot on about the class shown by TCU during the Alma Mater. It's nice to know that respect for our servicemen and women is still a big deal to some.

I'm watching a replay of the 4th quarter, and it is really SWEET!! What a great way to "start" the weekend!

Anonymous said...

you are a prophet.

Ben said...

I really enjoyed seeing some players from Air Force gather in a circle to pray before the game. I also enjoyed seeing some of the TCU players gather in the south end zone to pray. CSU did the same last year, except they gathered at the 50. The only better thing would have been to see players from both teams gather in the same circle, but still, it's good. I appreciate the fact that TCU stayed on the field and showed respect to us while the alma mater was playing. Some fans in the stands on the north side applauded TCU as they exited the field. Excellent sportsmanship. Keep it up, Falcons! With the way we played, we can easily beat BYU, Navy and Notre Dame!

Ben said...

I really hate to see the BlogDog go to 2-1, but I can't really say I'm sorry. The Falcons are 3-0 to start their season for the first time in their history, and if we play like I know we can play, as evidenced by the TCU game, we should be able to beat both BYU and Navy. Good luck next week, BlogDog.

P.S. - Jake, if you have a few minutes, I've started my own Air Force Football Blog at I could use some constructive criticism if you get a chance. It might help me form a style of writing if I get into journalism. Thanks!

jake.schaller said...


I'll definitely check it out, thanks for the head's up!

BlogWife reports that BlogDog was tossing and turning last night after the game. Must've regretted his choice.