Saturday, September 1, 2007

Halftime from the press box

To paraphrase Brent Musburger: I am looking live at Falcon Stadium.

And things look pretty good for Falcons from here. They’re up 24-3 and in complete command.

You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. A half-hour before kickoff it was 77 degrees with a slight breeze and almost nothing but sun. At halftime, it’s still gorgeous. However, there’s apparently a chance of thunderstorms coming later this afternoon.

Other opening thoughts:

-Major style points to the coaches for their all-black Johnny Cash ensembles. Blaine Guenther said it best when he claimed the coaches, “look like Mafia henchmen.”

-Another style thought: Air Force went without stripes on the players’ helmets. It’s the first time they’ve gone with just lightning bolts since 1979. I was on record from early in the preseason that the helmets look sharp this way. Not that anyone listens to me, but …

-Ryan Harrison looks as good as advertised. His first two kickoffs sailed into the end zone and resulted in touchbacks. And his 48-yard field goal looked like it might have been good from 60.

-Carson Bird, back in the starting lineup, made two big plays in the first half. He picked off a pass tipped by Drew Fowler and also pounced on a fumble caused by Austin Randle.

-The tight end is back in the Air Force arsenal. Travis Dekker has caught three passes for 64 yards and a touchdown so far. He had four catches for 40 yards and a touchdown all last season.

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