Thursday, November 29, 2007

Basketball BlogDog?

The three questions I’ve heard most this week:

1) Do you think Bzdelik will get booed?

2) Who will Air Force play in the bowl?

3) Does the BlogDog know anything about basketball?


1) Yes

2) There are way too many scenarios that all depend on this weekend, so all I can do is guess. Um, Purdue?

3) We’re going to find out.

Pressed into service by his fans – most notably Gazette columnist David Ramsey – BlogDog will be making some hoops predictions for selected games this winter. (For those unfamiliar with the BlogDog - it's my dog, Norm. He predicted Air Force football games this fall and compiled a stellar 8-4 record. Check the archives for any blog post with "BlogDog" in it to see his previous work).

They don’t get much bigger than tonight’s grudge match against CU, so we decided to start today.

Note: I went with pretty much the same selection routine that the BlogDog uses for football – I set out a post-it note with “CU” written on it and a post-it note with “AF” written on it. Whichever one BlogDog goes to first (best three out of five times), is who he thinks is going to win. Not sure if this will work for basketball, so the method is under review.

Anyway, BlogDog went to the CU post-it first, then the AF post-it, then the CU post-it, then the AF post-it twice in a row. So BlogDog is thinking the Falcons will fall behind early, trail at halftime but then prevail late.

By the way, scroll below his picture for some quotes from fans that didn’t appear in today’s paper regarding Bzdelik’s return.

Norm’s Pick:
Air Force 59, Colorado 54
Norm’s Record: 0-0 in hoops; 8-4 in football


That is the question facing the Clune Arena crowd that will greet former Air Force coach Jeff Bzdelik tonight when he leads his new team, Colorado, against the Falcons at 7 p.m. Here are some thoughts from those who will be in attendance at Clune Arena.

“I usually just ignore the other teams, and I'll probably do the same this time. Although I just might give in and throw a few boos in for good measure. I’m with many of the fans that (Bzdelik) leaving wasn’t the worst part, it was the way he left that was just wrong.”
-Pam Burton, 42, Denver; Air Force fan who has attended games on and off for 20 years and held season tickets for six years.

“I will show respect to coach Bzdelik for his contributions to our basketball program. … Some say they are not happy with the way coach Bzdelik left Air Force and intend to show him their displeasure during the game. Others have no animosity and believe it’s merely the nature of the business where a coach chooses to do what he thinks is best for him and his family.”
-Roger Allison, 66, Colorado Springs; Air Force fan who attends most home and away football and basketball games.

“I think the crowd will treat Bzdelik as a traitor, but do not think there will be a lot of booing. If I had control of the Cadet Wing, I would give every cadet in Section 8 a sheet of newspaper and would have them hold it up in front of their face when the CU coaches are introduced. I would also make sure the cadets cheered loud for Jeff (Reynolds).”
-Ted DeRousse, 67, Colorado Springs; Air Force fan

“I dislike booing in all sports and will not boo him. I’ll politely clap when they comment on him being the former coach, then I'll yell like heck for our Falcons and against the Buffs.”
-Rick Pialet, 52, Monument; Air Force graduate and fan.

“I am not in the habit of booing opposing teams or their coaches unless they do something which is dirty or offensive or are obnoxious (I even clap when they are introduced). But I probably will go with the flow and no doubt will clap for coach Bzdelik and also will boo him at the same time when he is introduced, while yelling, “Show me the money!” And, as the game progresses, I will join the cadets in Section 8 in getting all over Bzdelik as often as possible. I respect him as a coach but I do not like the way that he treated the academy.”
-O.K. Niess, 72, Colorado Springs; Air Force fan who has attended many Air Force football and basketball games since 1964

"I know there will be people booing him, but I don't think that is appropriate. I have heard that some people may wave dollar bills at Coach Bzdelik, but I don't believe money was the only reason he went to CU, so I won't do that either. If I have the opportunity to speak to him, I will welcome him back and wish him well.
-Tori Miller, 43, Colorado Springs; Air Force fan.

“I’m sure it’s going to be crazy in there. They’ve always had good fans, so I’m sure the atmosphere will be crazy. But we’re going to go out and play our hardest, try to execute our stuff and hopefully get a win. That’s all we can worry about.”
-Colorado freshman guard Levi Knutson, who was recruited to Air Force by Bzdelik


Ben said...

Jake, have you heard anything about Jake Burtschi and Dan Nwalele getting into the NBA?

Anonymous said...

He will be booed unmercifully, and that's as it should be. One thing cadets know a thing or two about is loyalty, and Bzz-boy breached the code big time when he turned his back on the kids he supposedly "loved". I hope they stick it to him good.

jake.schaller said...

Ben -

Danny was offered a spot in the Spurs' veteran training camp but was not permitted to go. Both guys will have to wait two years (per the new government policy), stay in shape and then hope there's still some interest then.

Ben said...

Jake, will you be at the Falcon's pep rally on the 7th?

jake.schaller said...


Right now I'm planning to be there.