Friday, November 23, 2007

Look Again

Greetings from Spokane.

My first time in the city.

First impression on the cab ride into town? I wasn’t a big fan. A bit run-down, cold and dated, I thought. Though some of that, to be sure, might have had to do with the frigid temperatures and gray skies.

But after seeing some of the new restaurants and cool, old hotels downtown, walking through Riverfront Park and taking a bridge over the picturesque Spokane River, I started coming around a bit. Actually rather charming. Kind of has the feel of an Eastern European city.

Or maybe I’m just going insane due to the massive amount of turkey I inhaled yesterday and an early flight today.

Whatever, the point I’m trying to make is you sometimes need to look past your first impression.

Which brings me to the Air Force men’s basketball team.

My first impression of the team was its dreadful exhibition loss to Brock of Canada. And I creamed it in this Blog.

But the Falcons have won five games since and shown some flashes – here and there – of potential. Andrew Henke has shot the ball as well as anyone could have hoped, Anwar Johnson is playing great defense, Keith Maren and Eric Kenzik are combining to give the Falcons solid post play, Evan Washington isn’t looking like a freshman and Tim Anderson has done a little bit of everything without having to carry the team by himself.

So that’s the good news. The second impression, if you will.

Tomorrow and Sunday, however, it gets tougher. Air Force’s opponents thus far have been pretty much Division I dregs and a Division II team. Tomorrow the Falcons face a tough Montana squad that has speed and size. The next day it’s a date with unbeaten and ninth-ranked Washington State – a fast, athletic team with a few great shooters.

In other words, let’s wait until after the third impression. We’ll know a lot more about the Falcons after this weekend.

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Thanks for the second impressions Jake.