Friday, November 2, 2007

Big-Time BlogDog

The BlogDog didn’t show much interest in this week’s pick.

And I think I know why.

Typically, when he makes his prediction, he chooses between two mini-replica helmets. Whichever one he goes to (best three of five times) is the team he thinks will win.

But this week, with Air Force playing Army, I had to have BlogDog choose between a piece of paper that had “Air Force” scribbled on it and a piece of paper that had “Army” scribbled on it.

Why? Because I only have the helmets of teams from the Mountain West Conference. Sorry, BlogDog, I would love to have all 119 Division I-A schools here at the BlogHouse, but I don’t, OK?

And guess what? Paper was fine when he made his first ever choice (Air Force v. South Carolina State). And it was nooooo problem at all when Air Force played Navy and he was still in the first month of his career. But now that he’s predicted a career-high three straight games correctly, he gets in a huff when he has to choose between pieces of paper instead of helmets.

Well he better get used to it. Because unless I paint a TCU or CSU helmet gold by next Friday, he’ll have to do the same for Air Force’s game with Notre Dame.

Here’s how this week’s pick unfolded (remember, if Norm picks the same helmet three times in a row, he’s thinking blowout. If he chooses one team three times and the other team once, he’s thinking the game will be decided by about seven to 10 points. If he chooses one team three times and the other one twice, he’s predicting a close game): Norm went to the Army paper first. Then he went to the Air Force paper three straight times, progressively tearing it to shreds.

Norm’s Pick: Air Force 34, Army 17

Norm’s Record: 6-3

What? No helmets?


Anonymous said...

No BlogDog pick? I've looked forward to this every week! Find a Notre Dame helmet, because I'm sure Blogdog would like to make another correct pick as he nudges the Air Force helmet!

Jim said...

BlogDog getting finicky with just a team name written on paper? You could always get pictures of the helmets or logos off the net and print them on the piece of paper, in case Norm is more visual than you thought. A picture IS worth a thousand words, as they say! At any rate, I agree with BlogDog that the Falcons will stomp Army again, and this time on home turf! I'd love to see a shut-out from our D!

Stats Dr said...


I was at the AF game and didn't see the Navy 3OT victory, but could you email your east coast writer friend who covers Navy and get his take on the Notre Dame game. It amazes me that Navy can lose to Delaware one week and beat ND. Is Notre Dame that bad, or is Navy bi-polar?


jake.schaller said...


I'll e-mail him today. I think it's a little of both. I talked to my friend, who told me of a conversation he had with a Navy radio guy. The guy basically said if you take away the gold helmets and the "ND" on the sleeves, you're looking at a mediocre at best team.