Sunday, December 2, 2007

So Who's it Going to be?

Good question.

Saturday’s upsets threw the BCS into the kind of turmoil the system’s critics have been predicting for years, and Air Force's opponent in the Dec. 31 Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl still is uncertain.

While everything hinges on tonight’s BCS selections, here’s how things look for the Falcons.

There are 10 BCS teams – six conference winners and four at-large selections. The at-large selections would seem to be an additional SEC team (Georgia), an additional Big 12 team (Kansas), Hawaii and then either an additional Pac-10 team (Arizona State) or an additional Big Ten team (Illinois).

If Illinois is pulled into the BCS, there will be enough bowl eligible Pac-10 teams to fill out the conference's bowl tie-ins. That would mean a Pac-10 opponent for Air Force – most likely reeling Cal.

If Arizona State is pulled into the BCS, Air Force would probably face a Big Ten team – possibly Purdue.

We’ll wait and see what happens tonight with the BCS selections.


Anonymous said...

Does the blog dog think were going to beat Cal? When will he make his prediction?

jake.schaller said...

I'm in search of a Cal helmet so he can have the best chance.

He'll probably make his prediction during the holidays, and I'll release it a day or so before the game.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused as to why the Las Vegas Bowl didn't select Cal to prevent a rematch, thereby sending UCLA to Fort Worth. Regardless, I like the Falcons' chances against both.