Monday, December 10, 2007

Keeping Calhoun

With Air Force coach Troy Calhoun being mentioned as a possible candidate for openings at several colleges, the academy is doing its best to keep the Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year at his alma mater.

According to sports information director Troy Garnhart, Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh and Calhoun are discussing potential contract improvements.

Southern Methodist contacted the academy for permission to speak to Calhoun about its coaching vacancy, and multiple media outlets reported that Calhoun was a candidate for the Duke job. Calhoun was not interested in the SMU job.


Anonymous said...

We'll have to hope that the Academy bonding is stronger than just dollars. He has as great a professional challenge at the Zoo as almost anywhere else in college football.
Now if the pros come back to him, that would be something else.

Chicago Zoomie

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet the majority of his conversations with Dr. Mueh regard the welfare of his assistants more than they do him. Moreover, he also can't be happy with the MWC cutting off its nose to spite its face, which is what the deal with "the MTN" was. Consequently, he might like to see Dr. Mueh attempt to be enlightened about the prospect of independence and its many advantages for a service academy.

I have a hard time believing money is his primary concern. Otherwise he would have listened to SMU's sales pitch--they've raised some serious cash.

Anonymous said...

Our coach is way underpaid. When you consider the $14 Million that Coach Johnson received with Georgia Tech, I think the Air Force is going to have to ante up to keep Coach Calhoun. He's proven that he can develop average players into winners by taking the virtually the same team from last year from going 4-8 to a 9-3 season. This is great coaching and he should be paid.

jake.schaller said...

It will be interesting to see what happens. I don't expect coach Calhoun to leave for another job after this season, but it must be hard to turn down jobs that promise to pay him much more.

I see Calhoun staying here for five or six years, getting the program back where he wants it and then perhaps taking a higher-profile college job or going back to the pros.

Rob said...

I'm a former manager with the team and graduated a year after Troy, and I stood with him on the sideline for 2 1/2 years after he relinquished the starting QB position to Dee Dowis. You can't tell me that this the about money or even the prestige. It's about picking up the colors and ensuring your alma mater continues its legacy as a never-say-die, football team that lives clean and plays together as a family. It's an opportunity we all dream about.