Thursday, October 25, 2007

Uh oh from Albuquerque

It apparently wasn’t food poisoning that sent Air Force senior receiver/running back Chad Hall to the hospital Tuesday.

It was some sort of stomach bug, according to Air Force sports information director Troy Garnhart. And some of the other players are experiencing symptoms similar to what Hall felt.

Starting cornerback Carson Bird and starting right tackle Chris Monson are feeling the worst, Garnhart said. They were brought to University Stadium in Albuquerque early tonight so they could receive intravenous fluids. Both are considered game-time decisions.

At 6:15, Bird was not among the defensive backs warming up on the field.


Jim said...

I'm wondering if this is the same thing that had Thomas sit out of practice a bit last week before the Wyoming game. Is this isolated to just the athletic teams (thinking locker room, weight room sort of thing), or is the rest of the Academy showing signs as well? Whatever it is, I hope they're able to contain it fast and get it outta there!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jake! Long time no see! You didn't get hit with the same bug, did ya man? Looking forward to your next post since it's time to prepare for ARMY!