Friday, May 2, 2008

Fowler, Hall Invited to Camps

Senior inside linebacker Drew Fowler and senior running back/receiver/returner Chad Hall have been invited to try out with NFL teams, Air Force coach Troy Calhoun said Friday.

Fowler is in Detroit for a tryout with the Lions this weekend, while Hall will participate in a tryout with his hometown Atlanta Falcons next weekend. Neither player has signed a free agent contract. Both simply are trying out with those teams.

Fowler will take part in the Lions’ rookie camp. According to a story that appeared in The Grand Rapids Press earlier this week, the camp will include Detroit’s nine drafted rookies – including Army defensive back Caleb Campbell – along with “about 10 undrafted free agents and about 15 or 20 tryout players.”

The article went on to say that the the Lions' draft picks and their undrafted free agents “likely” would be back for training camp, but that the tryout players, like Fowler, “will have to show enough to earn an invitation back.”


Anonymous said...

Where is John Rabold

jake.schaller said...

Hasn't gotten an invite to a camp ... yet.

Anonymous said...

I know the AFs more restrictive (than Army's) interpretation of the department of defense policy (requring active duty for the first two years after graduation) will hurt these guys chances of getting on with a team. Have you heard of any possibility of the Air Force and Navy "powers that be" watching the overall reaction to the new Army interpretation of the rule and then re-evaluating for future classes? I don't know if there's anyone in next year's class that could benefit, but certainly future classes have more potential given Calhoun's recent success with recruiting. Just seems like it would be nice if all the service academies were on the same level playng field with regard to this policy. I am surprised Rabold isn't in the mix yet. I had heard that he might have the highest NFL potential of all of AF's senior class.

jake.schaller said...


I think you'll see Army be reigned in before Air Force alters its policy. The AF folks I've talked to say the AF has no intention of tweaking its rules. Here's a link to the story I wrote earlier this week about it -- (

And, I too am surprised Rabold hasn't gotten an invite anywhere yet too. I think he has the most "upside" of any of the AF seniors. I'd be surprised if he doesn't get a look somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Any word on how Fowler did in Detroit and Hall in Atlanta

jake.schaller said...

Trying to find out about Drew. He wasn't mentioned in any of the reports I saw from Detroit, but I'm hoping to have an answer about that soon.

Chad tries out this weekend.