Monday, March 3, 2008

Football Spring Depth Chart Released

Air Force head football coach Troy Calhoun released his initial depth chart heading into spring practice.

It appears below (Starters in bold).

Note: Each player’s class is what he will be in 2008 - e.g. quarterback Shea Smith currently is a junior, but he is listed on the chart as a senior.

WR- X 81 Sean Quintana, Jr.

26 Spencer Armstrong, Sr.

TE 88 Travis Dekker, Sr.
85 Keith Madsen, Sr.

LT 79 Keith Williams, Sr.
70 Matt Markling, So.

LG 57 Nick Charles, Jr.
64 Jake Morrow, So.

C 63 Andrew Pipes, Sr.
65 Michael Hampton, Jr.

RG 62 Peter Lusk, Jr.
67 Tyler Weeks, Sr.

RT 60 Chris Campbell, Jr.

78 Ben Marshall, So.

QB 14 Shea Smith, Sr.

7 Eric Herbort, Jr.

FB 25 Todd Newell, Sr.
43 Justin Moore, Jr.

TB 2 Savier Stephens, So.
22 Brenton Byrd, Jr.

WR-Z 19 Ty Paffett, Sr.
4 Kyle Halderman, So.

LE 93 Ben Garland, Jr.

95 Jake Paulson, Sr.

NG 56 Jared Marvin, Sr.
76 Stephen Larson, Jr.

RE 91 Ryan Kemp, Sr.
90 Rick Ricketts, So.

OLB 36 Andre Morris, Jr., So.
92 Myles Morales, Jr.

ILB 45 John Falgout, Jr.
55 Clay Bryant, Jr.

ILB 48 Brandon Reeves, Sr.

47 Ken Lamendola, So.

OLB 32 Hunter Altman, Sr.
37 William Kuechler, So.

CB 6 Kevin Rivers, Sr.
20 Devon Ford, Jr.

CB 8 Reggie Rembert, So.
18 Elliott Battle, So.

SS 34 Chris Thomas, Jr.
30 Luke Yeager, Sr.

FS 23 Aaron Kirchoff, Sr.
29 Luke Hyder, Jr.

PK 13 Ryan Harrison, Sr.

94 Zachary Bell, So.

P 13 Ryan Harrison, Sr.
98 Brandon Geyer, Jr.


Anonymous said...

It's always fun to watch the starting lineup evolve from spring practice to the first game of the season in the fall. Jake, in your opinion, which of these positions are solid with likely no change, which are firm but could change, and which are wide open?

jake.schaller said...


I think right now, there are several spots that are pretty solid. While coach Troy Calhoun says every spot is open, I'd be surprised if anybody took over at TE for Travis Dekker, LT and LG for Keith Williams and Nick Charles, respectively, OLB for Hunter Altman, CB for Reggie Rembert, SS for Chris Thomas and K for Ryan Harrison.
I think Ty Paffett is pretty well entrenched at Z, though I think Kyle Halderman will impress people. I think the DLine will stay pretty much the same, tho Jake Paulson and Larson will definitely play a bunch -- same goes for X, where I expect Quintana and Armstrong to split time.
Most of the other spots should be fairly open. I think QB, Center and TB will be fun battles to watch. TB will be especially wide open if Savier Stephens can't practice much. I also think the ILB positions will be pretty open too.
We should know a whole bunch more after a month or so of spring ball.

Anonymous said...

Are you planning to blog about the spring football? We out-of-towners are desperate for news!
If you were at the first practice, let us know your impressions.

jake.schaller said...

Yes. I will be blogging about spring football.

Kind of.

I unfortunately won't be as in-depth as I was in August, at least until hoops ends and I can totally turn my attention to the gridiron. For instance, I'll be in Vegas next week for the MWC Hoops Tournament, so I'll missed both sessions.

But I'll throw in observations when I can.

Anonymous said...