Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to Work

Air Force returned to practice Tuesday, but junior forward Anwar Johnson did not participate. According to coach Jeff Reynolds, Johnson is “fighting a bout of pneumonia.” Johnson played a career-high 40 minutes in Saturday’s Mountain West Conference opener against Utah. …

Junior forward Matt Holland said the Falcons “still are confident in what we’re doing,” despite Saturday’s 22-point loss to Utah.

“It was a tough loss, but we had a good practice today, and I still feel like we’re getting better every day in practice,” He said. “We’re not backing down.” …

Freshman guard Evan Washington had no turnovers against Utah, one game after making seven against Wake Forest. But Reynolds said Washington “was not as aggressive as we wanted him to be at Utah.”

“So we’ve got to find a medium.”


Stats Dr said...


Granted the UTAH game was tough, but did you notice the BYU-Wake Forest BB score from yesterday? I didn't see any highlights, but the score wasn't as close as the AF-Wake forest game. AF has played the goods teams close (except Utah) and it really is an inexperienced team that plays to the level of their competition. As they mature as a team, they will look pretty tough and play everyone with tough no matter what the competition.

jake.schaller said...

Stats -

Yes, I did notice that score. Perhaps some good news for the Falcons.
I also think that Utah is a very good team - especially with Boylen calling the shots - and that it will contend for the conference title.
You're right that this team is young. But it desperately needs a victory against a "top-tier" team to give it some confidence. As my colleague, David Ramsey, pointed out in today's edition of The Gazette, Saturday's game against UNLV is huge.