Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scheduling struggles

We’re just one day away from the start of fall football practice, but I thought I’d talk a little hoops today.

When I was at the academy Monday, I talked to Jerry Cross in the Air Force sports information office. Cross said new men’s basketball coach Jeff Reynolds and his staff STILL are trying to nail down the final two games of the Falcons’ 2007-08 schedule.

It’s hard to believe that programs wouldn’t want to play an Air Force team that graduated six seniors, four of whom were starters. But that seems to be the case.

It is in some ways a compliment to the program and to how hard it has become to win at Clune Arena. It also underscores the problems Air Force has had for years – teams do not want to play at altitude in an area that is not considered a hotbed for recruiting.

As of right now, the Falcons’ game against Colorado and former coach Jeff Bzdelik looks like the marquee game on the home schedule.


M said...

This is a great blog long overdue for AF sports fans!! As far as the hoops scheduling, I hope AH and the program keep documenting all the negative replies from programs when selection Sunday arrives so that all the naysayers understand that programs cannot be forced to play us.

jake.schaller said...


Thanks for the note. Yes, this blog was a long time coming. I'm really looking forward to doing some fun stuff with it. Starting today, with football practice beginning, I should be adding posts daily.
As for your comment, you're right. I'm sure Air Force's RPI will take a hit and, if the Falcons are on the bubble again in March, pundits will point to strength of schedule. It's a tough situation for Jeff Reynolds and his staff.
Thanks again for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Jake....good stuff for both football and basketball. As a big Falcon basketball junkie, it's amazed me at the problems we have had scheduling....and some of the 'big schools' might have got a minor awakening these last two years during the selection process. More and more the overall schedule both home and away are becoming tiebreakers in who's in or out in the NCAA's. With that said, it's hard for a team to get NO ONE to come and play. Even Wake Forest last year would only come and play at the World Arena...not Clune (aka THE CHAMBER). Do you think it's the high altitude? The 52-2 home record we have in the last 4 years? The small 6000 seat arena which means 'loud' when filled? Or are $$$'s (or lack of $$$'s) of playing in a small arena the reason? Obviously a combination of all of this is what we will have to strive to overcome. Sounds like fans will have to look for game/wins vs mid-tier teams at home and travel to tournaments or 'away' only games for quality RPI wins. Bottom line...doing good in OOC play is ok...but you have to do good in both MWC competition and in the MWC tourney to have a successful year! Go Falcons .... we will surprise many this year....BTW...will look forward to information and comments as we get closer to our Vancouver, Canada trip!